Maritime Collaborative

Youth Maritime Collaborative

The youth maritime collaborative works to guide today’s youth toward maritime related careers. Through experiential events and high school internships, it connects employers with youth. Its partners include Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Goodwill.

Participants work aboard traditional tall ships and participate in real sailing tasks. They are encouraged to climb the rigging and work as part of a team. The program also offers community involvement and service learning.

Maritime High School

The youth maritime collaborative aims to guide today’s students into maritime related careers. It offers hands-on learning through special events and high school internships. The program also aims to connect students with local businesses.

A collaboration of Highline Public Schools, the Northwest Maritime Center, and the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, the school’s mission is to provide a maritime education that will lead to well-paid jobs in the industry. The school also teaches life skills such as service learning, civic participation, and team building. Students will have the opportunity to participate in service-learning activities and weekend workshops throughout their senior year.

The school aims to break down barriers to entry into the industry, which has traditionally been white and male. It also provides an immersive maritime experience for students from underserved communities. The school’s program director, Veasna Hoy, says introducing young people to the maritime field gives them confidence and can inspire them to pursue their dreams.


The YMC is an informal community for graduate students and early career earthquake professionals to meet, share ideas, and foster collaborative opportunities. It is open to all who are interested in promoting seismic safety. Its members include a variety of industries, academic disciplines, and backgrounds.

The Youth Maritime Collaborative is committed to guiding young people of color toward adventurous careers in the maritime industry through paid internships and experiential learning events with an emphasis on equity and inclusivity. The organization connects businesses, researchers, and public-sector partners to build on Washington’s maritime heritage and create a new generation of workers for this growing sector.

The Port of Seattle South King County Fund supports YMAP, an eight-week, culturally relevant summer internship program for youth in the community. The program also includes job skills training and experiential learning activities. These are designed to increase interest in the maritime industry, which is critical for the state’s economic stability. The YMAP internships provide job shadowing and technical training, and a stipend for youth participants.


Guiding today’s youth toward maritime-related careers through experiential events and high school internships, Maritime Blue is working to connect companies with the next generation of workers. This year, the Collaborative has partnered with Seattle Maritime Academy to hold a “Try a Trade” event for schools and youth to interact with a variety of hands-on activity stations including operating the Vessel Bridge Simulator, heaving lines, knot stations, maritime BINGO, tours of tugboats, sessions on job pathways/sectors and salary potential and more!

The YMAP program is a community-based service learning and civic participation program that helps youth build strong soft skills to prepare for high school graduation and college readiness. The program provides a safe space for youth to develop their confidence and self-reliance in the community.

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In 2013, YMTA collaborated with 9 schools and 2 community groups across the Puget Sound region to support their programs that give students maritime experiences. The organization also mentors students who are interested in pursuing maritime careers. It has a strong network of teachers, high school programs, college maritime programs, and industry representatives.

YMTA has been involved in the development of the Ballard Maritime Academy (BMA) at Seattle Public Schools’ Ballard High School. The BMA is a small learning community in which students study a specific career theme, such as oceanography, recreational boating, commercial fishing, shipyards and vessel construction, or marine engineering.

A. said she left YMTA the following summer after she was told her alleged assailant would be allowed to rejoin the club after his sanctioned year-off ended. She said the decision was a difficult one, but she did not feel that she could trust her club leadership to protect her. She has since rethought her decision, she said.

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